Inspirational Women Mega Tags

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me.

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last blog (shame on me)!  I have to be honest with you, I haven’t had much time for crafting because I’ve been a bit distracted by a new addition to our family; meet Ralphie our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted one of these dogs, but let’s just say it is a dream come true (even if my crafting did come to a halt for a while)!

Anyway, now routines are more settled so to speak, I’m back in the crafty saddle 😊, so I thought I would share a pair of mega tags I made recently.  These tags were part of a swap challenge from one of the crafty Facebook groups I’m in.  The theme of the swap was ‘Inspiring Women’.

I prepared both of the tags in the same way, by giving them a coat of white gesso, after that any similarities end.  The tags I’m using are MDF tags from Craft Box.

I painted the first tag in a bright sunshine yellow acrylic paint (DecoArt), added some pieces of applique (from my Craft Box stash).  I then painted over the applique and also applied some 13@rts chalk spray (Yellow Amber) for some extra depth.

Whilst the tag was drying I set to work on my photo, which needed some stability.  I inked a chipboard tag from my stash using Distress Ink (Vintage Photo), before gluing and trimming to size.

I used a chipboard tag to stabilise the photo

I then worked on my layout.  All of the embellishments were from Craft Box and were just perfect for my theme.

Layout planned.  I love these embellishments!

Once everything was glued on and in place, I dry brushed with DecoArt Metallic paint (White Pearl), to add a bit of shimmer.  I’m not sure if you can see it in the photo’s but it gives a beautiful delicate shine.

For the second tag I used 3 of my Starlights paints by Imagination Crafts, and created a colour blended background.  The colours I used were Mint, Lilac Blue and Heather.

Next I used some Starlights Glass Paints (Imagination Crafts) in Sax Blue and stencilled onto the tag.  The stencil is called ‘Double Sprig’, by Clarity Stamps

I added a photo to my chosen SnipArt frame I had in my stash, before gluing it and the SnipArt birds to the tag.  SnipArt is available from Craft Box, but I have had the frame for quite a while.  The chipboard sentiment was a freebie.  I decided to keep the natural colours of the SnipArt, given the vibrancy of the tag.

Each tag had and explanation on the back, so the recipient knew who the women were and why they are an inspiration to me.  Both tags were finished with a matching ribbon.

So, who are my inspirational women?

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, the lady on the yellow tag is my Mum.  The photo is one of my favourites as this is her at her most natural (and very rare because she hated her photo being taken).  Mum was a professional seamstress for a time, before she married and became a Housewife and Mother, but sewing never left her.  The sewing machine was as much a familiar noise in our house as the kettle, radio or any other household item.

Of course, Mum taught me to sew, which is how my crafty journey began, so the tag was a little homage to her sewing prowess.  The colour was deliberate too – yellow was her favourite colour.  Of course there are many other reasons Mum is an inspiration to me but I have too many to mention.  Mum’s no longer with us now, but that photo sits proudly on my craft room wall and continues to make me smile.

For those of you who may not know, my second lady is Leonie Pujol.  Leonie is a TV present on Craft Channel Hochanda, but to me she is more than that.  She has been in the crafting industry for a number of years and, in my opinion she’s one of the best pro crafters out there.  Leonie demonstrates with such passion and enthusiasm it’s infectious.  She just makes me want to go off and try everything (which is why my bank balance is in such a poor state!).  She’s helped me to realise it’s okay to just go for it.  Leonie is also very aware of the environment so she has taught me a thing or two about what I can do to help the planet (no more baby wipes for me!).

I had the pleasure of meeting Leonie a couple of years’ ago at a Craft Fair and she was so generous with her time, talking with me like we were old friends and so very genuine.  She is exactly how you see her on TV.   And she also made time to chat to my daughter too, which was so sweet.  The photo you see is one she signed when we met.

So, there we have my 2 inspirational women.  Ok, they may not be women who have changed the world, or are superstars, but they have made an impact to my world and I thank them both.

Bye for now, happy crafting!