Charity cards in the making part two!

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me.

Boy the weather’s been hot this week hasn’t it! We’re still waiting for the rain here in Warwick, but I think it’s going to arrive overnight tonight or tomorrow morning, that’s if the forecast is to be believed. I do hope so; as lovely as it’s been, things are getting a bit uncomfortable now, I think we’d all appreciate a decent night’s sleep 😴.

I have to admit my very hot and stuffy craft room hasn’t been the place I’ve wanted to be in, but I did manage a few hours over the week to do some more charity cards. It was my mission, following on from last week’s blog. You may remember I was trying to see how many cards I could make out of a kit I bought from Create and Craft for £5. The kit came with everything you needed to make 24 complete cards.

I have to say I’m doing quite well. I’ve managed another 13 cards this week, which takes me up to 23 in total so far and I know I can make at least another 7 easily, possibly 10. Here’s where I’ve got to.

Last week’s cards… I got to 10

Here are this week’s cards. You might have noticed some of them have got bits of bling or lace trim on them. These are from Craft Box.

13 more done with at least 7 more to go. This kit just keeps on giving!

So, if I carry on as I am, I’ll have made at least 30 cards for less than a fiver, which I’ll donate to my hospital ward to help raise funds. I think that’s pretty cool. I’ll make loads more but I just wanted to see how far this kit would go, it went a long way didn’t it? Great value for money!

I’m off to do some more. Bye for now. Happy Crafting!



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