Charity cards in the making

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me.

Card making is one of my crafting staples and something I really love to do.

There’s nothing you can’t give someone a card for really, whether it’s celebrating a birthday, or special occasion, wishing someone good luck, congratulating a happy event, sending get well wishes or to send love at a time of loss.

I do make cards for family and close friends (as one would expect of a crafter!), and I love to make those special, for obvious reasons, but I do also take pride in the ones that I make for charity.

Over the last year, I made cards and desktop calendars for the cancer unit which looked after my husband when he was ill (I’m happy to say he’s well now 😊). It seemed totally inadequate in comparison to what they did for him, but it helped to raise funds all the same.

Now I’m working on a hospital ward which needs to raise its own funds, so I decided to put my card making skills to good use again, which is what I’ve started to do this week.

I’ve got loads of cardstock I could use, but decided to start off with a great little kit I bought from Create and Craft. It was part of a Get the Nation Crafting campaign, where they were selling these card making kits for £5 (I’ve bought a Christmas kit too but haven’t got to this one yet). The kit comes with everything you need to make 24 good quality cards – it even includes doubles sided tape and foam pads!

A complete kit to make cards

I reckon I can get more than 24 cards out of this kit so I’m going to have a crack at it! There’s backing papers which are quite thick so could be used as cards on their own, there are toppers and card blanks too.

I’ve made about 10 cards so far…

This could take some time… I’m going to have to come back next week and let you know how I got on!

Bye for now. Happy crafting!



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