Art Journal Page – Feeling Reflective

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me.

I am really getting into the swing of things in my new job and, now I’m at the end of my second week, I am feeling very reflective.  The job is admin based, working on a ward in my local hospital.  I won’t go into the details, but a couple of events this week have given me cause to reflect about things which have happened in my life, and how lucky I am.  So, with this in mind, I decided to do a page in my newly covered art journal (see last week’s blog for details on how I did this).

I gave the page a quick covering of gesso – nothing too precise as I like to see the brush strokes (it gives added texture).  The gesso I used is by 13@arts and I got it from Craft Box (I do buy lots from here…love this company!).  This gesso is lovely and thick too, so I used it as a texture paste through one of my stencils (by Tim Holtz).

Stencilled with 13@arts gesso

I chose 3 acrylic paints by DecoArt.  I wanted vibrant colours, so went with yellow, pink and aqua.  Yellow went on first, then I got a bit carried away and started to add the pink before I had dried the yellow!  So I cleaned off the pink and dried the yellow (hence the pink blobs in the picture below!)

I then added the pink and thought I’m not liking this very much.  I was also a bit annoyed that I’d smudged some of my stencilling where I thought it was dry, but then told myself off…it adds to the texture!

Added the aqua (went a bit mad!) then I dabbed some of the aqua paint through a stencil (Leonie Pujol), and found a couple of sentiment stickers designed by Marta Lapowska for 13@arts (I got them from Craft Box but I’m pretty certain Marta also has her own Etsy store too).

I wanted to add something to that expanse of aqua, but decided to leave it and go back to it.  So I dug out a mask from Leonie Pujol’s Friend Stencil and dabbed some of the pink paint around the mask with my finger and then left that to dry before adding detail with my black Posca paint pens.

It’s starting to come together

I then went back to the aqua at the bottom and wrote the word ‘Memories’, using blue Posca paint pen and added ‘Love’ in the top right hand corner with the same pen.  I used a fine white paint pen to add some words around the stencilled clock on the right and ‘Miss You’ underneath ‘Memories’.  Black and white splats seemed to finish the page off.

I could have played some more but I made myself stop, or it would have ended up being overworked.  It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is an art journal page after all.  It’s about trying out techniques, exploring with colour, and journalling things which are personal to you.  This was totally outside of my comfort zone today.  You might remember me telling you that I am not a spontaneous crafter, and I have to plan what I make.  This was an unplanned, spontaneous piece and, because of that I love this page.  Those colours aren’t as harsh as they look by the way, they are lovely and vibrant.


Bye for now.  Happy Crafting!



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