Art journal cover

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me.

I started my new job this week (yay!).  I knew I’d be tired, and my head full of ‘stuff’, so I thought I’d keep things relatively simple.  I’ve got a few blank art journals sitting on the shelf in my craft room, so I decided it was about time I decorated one of them.  I was inspired to do this by a demo I saw recently on a ‘Let Leonie Loose’ show on Hochanda.

The art journal I am using is by Pink Pig and the size is 8×8″.  The cover is actually great as it is, it has a fantastic texture to it, but it did lend itself perfectly to what I had in mind.

The first thing I did was removed both the front and back covers from the book itself.  The spiral binding made this really easy for me to do, which is great because I didn’t want to mess up any of the pages inside (that’s for another time!).

Once the covers were removed I made a wash, using PVA glue and water, and brushed this onto both of the covers, as a primer (PVA would have been too thick to use as a base to stick my rice paper on with).

I then prepared my first piece of rice paper by wetting the edges of my chosen design, with my water brush, and then tearing it (to get a fibrous edge), before laying it down onto the front cover.  I then applied another layer of PVA wash over the top of the rice paper, to seal it, and set the cover aside to dry.


The texture of the front cover comes through the rice paper beautifully!

I then worked on the second cover.  I did make work for myself here;  I paper pieced a number of scraps of the rice paper because I didn’t want to waste any of it.  But that’s the beauty of this stuff, if you create a natural tear, the joins are almost invisible when you stick them together.


The paper piecing!

Here’s how both covers looked when they were fully dry.  The rice papers I used were from Craft Box, these were from the Ciao Bella range.

I loved the results so far and almost didn’t want to carry on!  I seemed to recall Leonie’s demo involved Starlight paints (Imagination Crafts), and maybe a stencil, so I decided I was going to add some stencilling detail, but didn’t want to paint over the rice papers (I loved the colours already on there and didn’t want to lose them).

The stencils I used are shown below.  The SnipArt (left) and 13@rts (right) are from Craft Box.  I think the 13@rts one was part of a subscription I have to the Craft Box Mixed Media box (which I receive bi-monthly and get lots of mixed media goodies for a reasonable price; worth checking out if you love mixed media).  The diamond stencil is a Dinkie one, but I can’t remember where I bought it.

So I decided to use my Starlight Texture Pastes by Imagination Crafts.  I used two colours; Malahit and Antique Gold, blending them in places.  I wanted the butterfly on the rice paper as a feature, so I made sure the text and the dandelions went around it.  These texture pastes are just wow!  They are super thick and have crystals in them.  I stippled the paste over the stencil with a brush, but the detail coming through is fantastic…even though I’ve ‘bashed’ the paste you can still see the texture.  And they blend so well too.  Love love love!


Front cover – stencilling round the butterfly


Just look at that texture!

Whilst the front cover was drying, I moved on to the back cover.  I wanted to pick up some of the yellow from the front cover, so I sprayed some 13@arts chalk spray, through the diamond stencil, in a couple of places. before adding the focal point.  The chalk spray was from Craft Box.

I stencilled the feathers on (I wanted them upside-down when the cover went back on as I think it looks better that way round).  Again I used the Starlight Texture paste, but this time I used Platinum and also a hint of Sky Blue Starlight paint (which doesn’t show up very well in the photo below, but it is very subtle).


Back to the front cover and I decided to add some embellishments to finish it off.  You might even remember a couple of them from last week’s blog.  I also found a piece of SnipArt I had in my stash, from Craft Box, and painted it with some watered down Malahit Starlight Texture Paste.  The shine on it was gorgeous!  Finally, I added black wax around the edges, which finished off the covers beautifully.  The wax was Starlight Wax by Imagination Crafts.  Don’t underestimate this little jar, it’s packed with sparkle!

Finished front cover

Lots of shimmer from watered-down texture paste

This isn’t wet it’s wax packed with sparkle!

Finished back cover

And here it is all put back together.  This was the perfect thing for me to do this week, just what I needed, and I’m really happy with it.  Now I’d better start using it!

Bye for now.  Happy Crafting!



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