Every day is a school day

Who was it who first said “Every day is a school day”?  I have no idea but I love this phrase!  I try to apply it to my life as much as I can, most of the time it will be when I am crafting.

In recent months, though it really has been a case of learning a new routine, as opposed to a skill, where I found myself adjusting to life post-redundancy.  I treated myself to short break first, and then got into my first routine; the job hunt.  I’m not going into details because I want my blogs to be about crafting (but job hunting for the first time in 28 years was a culture shock I can tell you!).

I tried very hard to go into housewife mode but I’m just not cut out for it. The dust just keeps coming back and my husband is far better with the iron than I am so let’s just leave it at that!

So, in my very long and drawn out way (this is my first blog, I’m scene setting a bit, and I promise they won’t be this long in future), I turned to my crafting, my happy place.

I’ve been crafting in some shape or form ever since I could hold a paintbrush.  My ‘go-to’ craft is card making but, with this extra free time I wanted to do something different and I’ve spent the last 3 months doing just that.

For the first time in about 20 years done a bit sewing.  I bought a couple of fabric heart kits from Lavinia Stamps.  They are super pretty and I would recommend them to a novice stitcher.  I made mine up with my sewing machine but they could easily be done by hand.  I’m afraid I don’t have any photos (they have been given as gifts) but here’s the link to the kits.


Spurred on by the success of my fabric hearts, I wanted another sewing project and decided on a tote bag, by Daisy & Grace.  It took me just over a day to make, but I would have finished sooner had I not made the mistakes of putting the pocket in upside down and sewing the handles into the lining!  Anyway here is my finished work.

I’m so proud of my new bag!  I’m going to put it in my suitcase and use it by the pool when I go on holiday.

I really enjoyed making this bag and I learned so much making it.  Here is the link to the pattern if you’re interested https://www.daisyandgrace.co.uk/products/big-bag-pattern

Right I’m off to learn something else… ‘Every day is a school day’

Happy crafting!



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